Every story, however hidden, leaves a trace… The objects we leave behind, speak fragile broken sentences to those who come across them later. Have you ever stood in a museum and longed to make contact with those stories, by touching the objects so tantalisingly close behind the glass?  Or wandered through a dilapidated and empty house, wishing you could see it as the last inhabitants left it?

‘Traces’ is a new concept in showcasing the very best Art and Design. An exciting, immersive, public event, inspired by the history of the building in which it is situated.  Painstakingly researched, ‘Traces,’ is a combination of  theatrical design, history, and the very latest gorgeous and evocative art and design, which maps and elaborates on the stories of the actual former inhabitants of the building, bringing it back to life with smells, tastes, touches and sounds of an age gone by. The audience are invited to come along and discover these histories for themselves; wandering through the rooms left as if only a moment before, and unpicking their secrets.  Interacting with the specially commissioned and selected art and design pieces to unravel clues about the building and its inhabitants., whilst also having the opportunity of buying their favourite ones at the end of the show.

‘Traces’ aims to give the very newest up and coming artists and designers a way to reach the industry and the public. And the public a new way to experience art and design. A combination of theatre, history, scandal, intrigue, and the very latest gorgeous and evocative design, it will be a great way to discover new talent.

A series of clues will be sent out in the run up to the event in order for you to piece together the location, era and characters. If you want  to be notified when these clues are available please sign up to the

mailing list: info@traces-london.co.uk




Ross O’Leary

Alicia Mabel Ryan

Annetta Tripp

Jack Suddons

James Delaney

Tony Perrin

Daniel Pugh

Molly Perrin

Amy Warren

Bud Moore

Maggie Nightingale


Elizabeth Millar

Helen Rycroft

Sabine Schlechtriem

Chris and Phil Bosworth

Lucy Tatner

Oliver Dickens

Joanne Davies

Alan Paul

Alicia Talikowska

Yvonne Walker

Elaine Barrow

Ashley Gray

East Street Arts

David Nelson

Karl Thompson

Manu Ferreira

Nicole Edgar

Elizabeth Edgar

Roslyn Burton

Paulene Hamilton

Suzanne Dietz

Nicola Greenan

Tom Cullen

Crona Connolly

Elisabeth de Las Casas

Alex Keramidas

Asle Opsahl

Chris Woodward

Emma Dawson

Wendy Spencer

Alice Morrisey

Steven Hamilton

Annie Davis

Jackie Connolly

Damian Heal

Edward Dikgale

Danielle Suarez

Sonja Zweegers

Stephen Connolly

Richard Connolly

Aidan James Robinson

Lili Toujours En Ecosse

Bo Youn Song

Simon Taylor

Caroline Kemp

Diane Mason

Benedict De Silva Wheeler

Grace O’Leary

Holly Ladd

Freya Nowell

Nic Wassell


Laura Tait

Mandy Fleming

Mark Fleming

Toby Hammans


Karlos Fandango

Helen 0‘Leary

Clare Stemp

Rebekah Lawton

Natasha Shepherd

Karen Barrow

Hannah Porter

Emma Clossic

Naomi Robertson

Ian Tatner

Emma Walton

Jan Chetwynd Stapylton

Geoff Duck

Quay Hoang


Suet-Ming Lau

Alexandra Rennick

Pete Masters

Mark J Pavey

Liam Morrisey