Traces at The Marquis of Lansdowne, 2012

For four days in August 2012, 'Traces'  took over a neglected old Victorian pub and brought it alive again with the smells, tastes, touches and sounds of the 1870s. Painstakingly researched, 'Traces' is a multimedia art and design showcase that maps and elaborates on the stories of the actual inhabitants of 32 Cremer Street; the old 'Marquis of Lansdowne'. Who is the 'unfortunate' that the landlord John Bonny has rented the upstairs room out to? And what is it he keeps behind the bar? We worked with over 60 different artists and designers from all different disciplines to help tell the story.

The public were invited to discover these histories for themselves; wandering through the rooms left as if only a moment before, and unpicking their secrets. Comparing notes about what's going on over drinks. Interacting with the specially commissioned 'Contemporary Victorian' pieces to unravel clues, and quite quickly realising that nothing you see here is quite what it seems.


Alice Walton

Pocket Watches

Mike Kann & Tim Burrell-Saward

Bottwrights Bureau

Guts For Garters

and Kevin Hill

Dick in Bed, Olympia’s Dream

Catherine Frere-Smith

Indigo Bunting Bird

Helen O’Leary

Collisions of Consciousness Moth Dress

Sahar Freemantle

Gordon Robertson

Botanique Plate

Makiko Nakamura

Secret Garden Candle Holder

Michaela Kemp


Katie Spragg

Porcelain Bottles

Sofie Boons

The Memory of Scent

Zoltan Lubloy

Oil Bottles

Samuel Sheard

I cant’ remember my

Grandma’s Name

Marina Dragomirova

Porcelain Jewellery

India Ritchie

Bird and Anemone

Hendzel and Hunt
Candle Stick

Studio 801

Curlicue Coasters

Camilla Barnard

Ink Well and Quill


Un-Earthly Pleasures

Ashley Temudo

Britannia Theatre Poster

Lily Octavia Brown

Milk Bottles

Hendzel and Hunt

Ltd Edition Gowlet Stool

Giovanna Del Sarto

Portmanteau Series

Merel Bekking

Stirring Spoons

Stephanie Iles

Pewter Spoons

Graphic Relief

Traces Tile

Super Fauna Stag Head

Lil Adams

Victoria Doll and Alphaback

Harriet Grey

Francis Bonny

Jo Gibbs

Picture Frames

Katy Beinart

Ghost Letter

Camilla Barnard

Little Gun

Lil Adams

Perfect Circle Practice

Janet McLelland

In the Golden Dress

Ivan Franco

Henry Keeble

Jamie Mills


Donna Walker

Window Series

Cathy Pilkington

Florence Clarke


Billur Turan

Correct Posture Apartatus

Billur Turan

Pinkie Up

Haidee Drew

Ara Mirrors

Enrica Castentini

Fallen Woman

Beth Martin

E1 Tiles

Kanitta Meechubott

Remember Me

Olivia Alice Clements

Tallow Candles

Lily Octavia Brown

Ceramic Ball

Nic Parnell

Grandfather Clock

Mike Kann & Tim Burrel-Seward

Bottwright’s Bureau

William Warren

CNC Cut Windsor Chair


Divine Invention

Jo Gibbs

Ghirigori Mirror

Makiko Nakamura

After The Party Lampshade

Sofie Boons

Eternalised Scent

Ugly Lovely

Laced Antenae

Rancid and Shrew

'Sic transit gloria mundi' - 'Thus passes the glory of the world'

Alice Walton

Ceramic Chains

Helen O’Leary

Collisions of Consciousness

Marie Louise Jones

Rising Up, Robed in the Long Night of Her Deep Hair


Please see images below for a selection of commissioned art work as well as our promotional videos. Please click on images for a larger view, and the artist/designers name for a link to their website.

Please note all images are courtesy of Giovanna Del Sarto and are copyright 2012. For press images please contact

Copyright, Traces, 2012.

Jo Gibbs

All Knickers No Fur Coat

Marcus Johnson with Donna Walker

Bonny’s Diamond Desk

Megan Flood

Laser Cut Lace

Joe Todd-Stanton

King Koo Koo

Val and Emerald Faerie

The Siren Screen

Laura Luck

Crochet whip

Camilla Barnard

Fire pokers

Furniture Magpies

Hang onto your Drawers

Gen Peck

Lighting Design

Sakis Kon

Graphic Design

Cristina Picchi


Ian Tripp

Sound Designer


We would also like to give a huge thank you to all of our generous sponsors for donating to us your hard earned money!

Steven Wade              Jodie Eastwood           Giovanna Del Sarto        David Collier

Tony Walker              Philippa Walsh             Natalie Bosworth           Mavis Jones     

Andrew Collier          Marcus Johnson         Sarah Barrett                  Salonika Acharya

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